12 Project Management Conferences You Still Can Attend in 2019

Did you make it a goal to attend a conference on project management this year? YouHuo Ding e in luck if youHuo Zhua have not had the chance to cross that off your to-do list. Although we are nearing the halfway point of the year, there are still many opportunities for you to make it happen.
We compiled a list of 2019 conference on project management that covers a range of industries and methodologies. There are options on every continent, except Antarctica. Here are a few notes about the details.
Standard rates were included for pricing, but early bird rates may be available. There are many rates that arenHuoZhua for events, including those for students, retirees, groups, full-day vs. one-day. Before you decide on a conference that isnHuo Zhua within your budget, make sure you have reviewed all options.
You donHuo Zhua not sure if you are eligible to earn PDU credits? For more information on PDU eligibility, contact the event organizers.
Are you ready to see what Huo Chu has in the world? Take a look at this list and make your choice!
International Construction Project Management Association (ICPMA), Conference 2019
You can’tHuo Zhua find a better setting to learn about construction project management than the shores of Lake Geneva. The conference agenda for the yearHuo Chu ICPMA includes 2 key themesHuoYing the transformation of urban neighborhoods and digital revolutionHuo Yangnd also includes a visit to a construction site.
Guo Li When: June 13Huo?4, 2019
Guo Shi Where: Lausanne, Switzerland
Guo Feng Cost: CHF395 ($390 for member) / CHF445 ($440 for non-member)
International Congress of Project Management and Engineering, (ICPME).
Pablo PicassoHuo Chu birthplace of the ICPME is for youHuo Ding, an engineer project manager. You can tailor your learning to your specific niche with the 10 topic areas available. If you are looking to discover the rich cultural history of Huo Chu while youHuo Ding e there, the Companion program is for you.
Guo Li When: July 9Huo?2, 2019
Guo Shi Where: MMan laga (Spain)
Guo Feng Cost: 460Kang ? ($515) per member / 560Kang Non-members: $625
Women in Agile 2019
DonHuo Zhua don’t let the name fool you: All genders are welcomed here. This half-day conference is held before Agile2019 and aims to encourage, support, and expand womenHuo Chu’s presence in the Agile community. ItHuo Chu is a great way to get involved in the discussion and to be part of the solution.
Guo Li When: August 4, 2019,
Guo Zhu Where is Washington, DC
Guo Feng Cost: $50
The Agile AllianceHuo, which was founded by the original AgileManifesto authorsHuo Feng, hosts the conference. It is truly Agile. YouHuo Feng will find plenty to learn at Agile2019. There are more than 20 tracks and 250 sessions to choose. YouHuo Ding e are looking to network with peers and get connected to the Agile community? Then make plans to attend the special events theyHuo Ji have scheduled.
Guo Li When: August 5Huo?, 2019
Guo Zhu Where is Washington, DC
Guo Feng Cost: $2,099 (member) / $2,499 (non-member)
PMI Africa Conference
The PMI Africa Conference will be centered on Huo Lu rowth in Africa Made possible by Project ManagersHuo?in 2019. You will gain a better understanding of AfricaHuochu rapid development and how project manager intersects with it and leads to its success. The full lineup of speakers is yet to be announced. Keep an eye out for more information.
Guo Li When: September 8Huo ?0, 2019
Guo Shi Where: Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania
Guo Feng Cost: $350 (Africa chapter member) / $400 (PMI member) / $500 (non-member)
International Project Management Association (IPMA), World Congress
The Huo Chu 2018 event will be held on the Yucatan Peninsula. It focuses on the theme of Huo Ling?Integrating Sustainability in Project Management. There is a special focus on topics such as clean energy, infrastructure and SMART cities.
Guo Li When: September 30Huo Bian ctober 2, 2019
Guo Zhu Where? Merida, Mexico