Veterinarian Clinic in Au Gres, Michigan

When looking for a Veterinarian Clinic in Au Gres MI, one might wonder if an animal rescue or animal shelter is better, or perhaps a traditional vet is better suited. For many years, the traditional veterinary clinic was where one went to get vaccinations, check up on the animals, and perform simple procedures. With the rise of the private vet, a large number of these clinics have cropped up throughout the state of Michigan. These clinics offer all kinds of veterinary services, although they specialize in specific animal care. Some of the services offered are cancer and heartworm screening, vaccinations, wellness exams, pet prescriptions, x-rays, de-worming services, teeth cleaning, de-matting, ear cleaning, hair removal, and more.

An Animal Rescue Service is a nonprofit organization that screens pets and helps to find homes for abandoned or neglected pets as well as being a resource for pet owners. The organization also educates the public about responsible pet ownership as well as providing low cost or free spaying and neutering. There are many Pet Assisted Therapy programs offered at the Animal Rescue Sites. This includes pet assisted therapy dog programs where dogs are trained to help individuals with mobility or arthritis and other animals that are deaf or hard of hearing. Pet Assisted Therapy programs have saved the lives of many pets as well as people who are completely blind, deaf or visually impaired.

The Au Prene Medical Clinic in Inkster, Michigan has been providing health care to animals since 1977. The clinic offers four different locations including two mobile clinics and one on site. The veterinarians at Au Prene are very qualified to provide animal medical care, and they are committed to excellence in their work. They provide vaccinations and basic examinations as well as much more, such as pet sedation, microchip placement, wound care, laser surgery, dental care, and more. Their staff is friendly and caring, and there is always an office nurse on duty. There are also a number of surgical specialists on staff, and they are ready to go when the call for help arises.

The veterinary care at the Animal Rescue Site is top notch. There are over 150 cats, dogs, and other animals that are in need of urgent care. Most of the animals at the Animal Rescue Site are from animal shelters, and most of them do not receive a formal education on how to survive as a pet. The staff at the shelter takes special care to ensure that each animal is examined thoroughly and treated compassionately. Many of the animals are spayed or neutered, which is also provided by the Au Prene Medical Clinic.

The veterinary treatment center provides twenty-four hours of emergency care, including emergency surgeries. There are on site licensed veterinary technicians and staff that can handle most types of pet injuries and illnesses. Some of the services that are offered include pet exams, vaccinations, x-rays, and heart worm testing. In addition, spaying and neutering are also available. There are over two hundred pets to choose from, and the staff has a lot of expertise in caring for large breeds. There are over twenty-four thousand pounds of food that is available through the Outback Pet Foods Program, including twenty-eight hundred coupons for pet care products.

The services provided at the Au Prene Medical Clinic are comprehensive in caring for animals. Their friendly, caring approach makes the experience both informative and rewarding for the animals that come to the veterinary clinic. The clinic is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and would love to see you as a client!

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