2022 CEH Renewal: Step-by-Step Guide for Renewing CEH Certification

CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker), Certification is one of the most respected IT security certifications offered by EC-Council. This certification takes time and effort. It doesn’t end once you have the CEH certification. The EC-Council requires CEH-certified professionals to renew CEH certification every three years. There are steps and requirements for CEH renewal.
We have provided a step-by-step guide on how to renew CEH certification.
It is important to first understand the requirements of the EC-Council ECE programs.
CEH Renewal ECE Requirements
We list the CEH renewal ECE requirements here, but these requirements also apply to all other EC-Council certificates under ECE program: CEH (Practical), ECSA(Practical), LPT [Master], ENSA, CND], CEH, CHFI ECSA, LPT (Master), ENSA and CCISO.
To renew CEH certification, there are three essential ECE program requirements. These are:
1- ) 120 ECE Credits per 3 Years: To renew CEH certification, you must earn 120 ECE credit in each of the three years. There are many ways to earn CEH ECE credit. We will provide information on all options and how to complete ECE requirements for renewing CEH certification.
2- ) Submit 40 CEH Credits for Each Year of the Three-Year Period. The EC-Council expects that you submit your CEH ECE credit each year. This is crucial in the CEH renewal process. You will most likely lose your CEH certification if you wait for the end of the three-year period and don’t earn 120 ECE credit in the last year. To complete your 120 ECE credits and renew CEH certification, you must earn ECE credit each year.
3- ) Annual Membership to EC-Council. Since 2016, EC-Council expects all certified professionals to be an annually member of their organization. This is required to renew CEH certification. The annual membership fee is $80. This is the only way to submit your earned ECE credit during CEH renewal.

CEH ECE Credits Resources to Renew CEH Certification
EC-Council accepts over 10 other ways to earn CEH ECE credits. These include volunteering, authoring, education and seminars, identifying vulnerabilities and presentation, as well as writing, education, seminars, education, workshops, education, training, seminars, education, seminar, authoring, education, writing, education, seminars, education, seminar, education, seminars, identifying weaknesses, presentation, and reading IT security resources. All methods of earning CEH ECE credits can be found in the EC-Council ECE Article. We will show you the most cost-effective and convenient way to earn 120 CEH ECE credit.
1- Enrol in Online IT Security Courses (60 CEH Credits)
EC-Council will accept one hour IT security training as one CEH ECE credit in your CEH certification renewal. It may not be easy to find classes in IT security at your local school. Even if you do find a course, you need to plan your time to attend the classroom training. Sometimes you might find a CEH ECE credit-providing course. You organize your schedule to attend the training but things can change when the training date arrives and you may not be able to attend.
We have created a 60 ECE Credits Bundle to assist working professionals in solving this difficult problem of finding CEH ECE credit. You can earn 60 CEH ECE credit online at your own pace, in any location. The CEH ECE bundle will save you a lot of time in your CEH renewal process.
Once you have completed each course, you will receive 20 CEH ECE credit. Each year, you can take one of the courses and submit 20 ECE credit. This bundle will provide 60 CEH ECE credit at the end of three years.
Check out our EC-Council ECE credit training video

How do you finish the remaining 60 ECE credits Follow these steps to complete the remaining 60 ECE credits
2- ) Attend Seminars, Meetings, and Conferences on IT Security (16 CE).