5 Reasons to Learn VMware

Virtualization is one the fastest-growing IT areas. Why? Because it streamlines operations, which results in time, money and space savings. The vSphere platform from VMware is a market leader. Here are five reasons to learn VMware technology from Keith Barker, SPOTO trainer and virtualization expert.
Everything is changing. Virtualization solutions can be used to reduce hardware and power consumption and automate tasks such as installing new servers. Virtualization is changing everything. You might sink if you’re not on the boat.
VMware is a major vendor in virtualization. VMware’s vSphere virtualization platform is a reliable and proven one, used by thousands of customers. A winning team is essential if you want to play basketball. VMware is a winning team.
There is a high demand for VMware skills. It’s a win-win situation to learn skills that are in high demand. VMware skills will allow you to draw on your existing network and/or server experience and help you manage virtualized environments.
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You’ll reap the benefits of testing and taking snapshots when you start training. It is very valuable to be able to take a snapshot at any time and then revert to that snapshot, especially in a lab or test environment. VMware products offer snapshots that allow for quick testing and rollbacks.
It provides Fault Tolerance and High Availability (HA). VMware provides high availability features for critical systems that require continuous uptime. Employers need to have the ability to implement and verify these solutions.
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