7 Free Slack Alternatives

Seven free slack options that allow cross-functional collaboration between teams
For years, Slack has been a favorite project management and collaboration tool for project managers and their teams. Slack helps to solve the problems of team performance and organizational alignment, especially in these times of remote work. It allows teams to communicate instantly via voice/video calls or instant messaging, share files and collaborate across departments and project areas.
There are many things that you will love about Slack, such as the extensive list of integrations and powerful search capabilities. However, there are other collaboration tools that are free and could be a good fit to your organization.
We asked users what free Slack alternatives they thought of when buying collaboration software for their company. Here are the top seven alternatives that users identified. This alphabetical list can be used as a starting point in your search.
http://www.slack.org/view the complete list. Take me there1Asana
Asana is an online task and collaboration software that allows users to manage and collaborate with other users on tasks and projects. Asana facilitates cross-team communication, allowing team members to share ideas and discuss work.
Asana users can comment directly on tasks, assign tasks a team member, and leave feedback about images. Asana’s integration with Vimeo allows users to record, transscribe, and embed videos in Asana projects. You can send messages to individuals or teams using the software.
Asana allows you to share files, create customized to-do lists and organize work documents. You can also track the progress of your projects. You can add attachments to existing tools such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or One Drive.
Here’s how Asana compares to Slack
Slack and Asana both offer collaboration features for teams, but they are fundamentally different. Slack is a collaboration tool that focuses on messaging and chat, while Asana focuses more on productivity management. Asana facilitates communication and offers tasks management features such as task-list creation, project boards and measuring progress.
Platforms supported: Slack and Asana both cloud-based tools that support mobile and browser support.
Customers who are typical: Slack and Asana are available to freelancers, small businesses, as well as mid-sized enterprises.
Support for customers: Slack and Asana are available to freelancers, small businesses, as well as mid-sized enterprises.
Pricing: Slack and Asana both offer a free version. Slack is priced at $6.67 per month (billed annually), while Asana is $10.99 per month (billed annually).
Basecamp is a project management tool and collaboration tool that allows teams to work together, share files, create projects and manage tasks. Basecamp has a message board that allows you to keep all conversations about a topic in one place. You can attach files and images to a message and share them with all or a particular team member. You can create boards for different projects or teams using the platform.
Basecamp offers a task management system that allows users tag team members and make comments on the progress of tasks. Basecamp provides a section for files for each project. To give people access to important files, you can drag-and-drop images, spreadsheets, and other documents from your PC. Basecamp documents can also be opened in mobile versions.
The software gives you a messaging platform that allows you to send emails directly to Basecamp, have them discussed with the team and then respond to the sender.
Basecamp also offers a project ca