A pmStudent Crossover Episode Terry Tucker and Sustainable Excellence

Today’s pmStudent episode is a ‘crossover. There are scenes or episodes in which two stories or characters from different series appear together.
Margaret Meloni is your pmStudent community leader and will happily teach you how to be a great project manager. She also does some work that helps us all make friends with death. MargaretMeloni.com has her books and a podcast about this topic.
Enter Terry Tucker. Terry visited his podiatrist friend to have the cyst removed. Terry was told by his friend not to worry. To be safe, he sent his cyst to pathology. Terry was diagnosed with melanoma, a rare form. He received his diagnosis two weeks later. Terry’s life was forever changed.
Terry has an incurable form cancer. You can read that sentence again. This time, Terry LIVES with an incurable form of cancer. It is important to stress LIVES, because that is what Terry is doing. Encourage all of us find meaning and purpose in life.
This is why it is a crossover episode. Yes, he spoke about his feelings toward his own impermanence on the Death Dhamma podcast.
Terry is a believer in “These are my cards.” They are not my obsession, but I must play them to their full potential.” This is evident in Terry’s PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL lives.
Terry is a role-model and champion for living your purpose. Read his book Sustainable Excellence: Ten Principles to Leading Your Extraordinary and Uncommon Life
Terry’s Sustainable Excellence Coaching program is now available. Terry will help you become the best version you can be and leave a lasting legacy.
His pillars are faith, family, friends. His four truths are displayed on his desk. These are his four truths. Listen to the lessons he has learned.

Terry is available at his Sustainable Excellence page. You can work with him to get clear about:
“What is excellence? How do you achieve it? And, most importantly, how can you sustain it?” Terry’s LIVE Online Coaching will give you the foundation you need to build the foundation of unshakeable beliefs, dedicated behaviors, and a life that is extraordinary.