A Survey of Web-Based Software Project Portals This interesting article was found in my twitterstream the other days. A Survey of Web Based Software Project Portals web Project Management – by Flickr user foxypar4 via Flickr This is a survey of web-based tools in the field of software development. The following was their final list:

  • Acunote
  • Assembla
  • BaseCamp
  • DotProject
  • Google Code
  • IBM Jazz
  • Mingle
  • Rally
  • SourceForge
  • Trac
  • VersionOne

This was done between July and Sept 2008, so things are moving quickly in this world. This gives you some insight into the options available to you if you are searching for something similar. “…possible research directions could be derived from this work to understand how these portals are actually used. This would be great. This would be the best way to measure utility. If they are too complicated, key features won’t be used. Software packages can sometimes have powerful, undocumented features that are not documented. These are the things I’d like to learn more about.