AWS Control Tower enables you to continuously improve multiple accounts.

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Many businesses hire cross-trained developers to work on multiple projects at once. Developers often wonder how to manage multiple applications and teams from one console without their accounts becoming chaotic. Multi-account structures can be helpful in meeting the needs of each business or application team. This problem was solved by Amazon’s AWS Control Tower in 2019.
It is a pre-configured multi account architecture with pre-configured access and security settings. A dashboard allows you to manage the multi-account structure over time.
Let’s dive into AWS Control Tower for more details.
Introduction to the AWS Control Tower
AWS Control Tower automates the creation and configuration of multiple accounts on Amazon Web Services. Control Tower is tightly integrated to AWS Organizations. This tool allows you to enroll any number child accounts under one parent account and apply policies from one location. One account may contain all of your responsibilities. This foundation can launch individual accounts for applications, environments and business groups or corporate organizations, while still being independent from the base infrastructure accounts.
CloudThat uses AWS Control Tower technology to help customers implement real-world apps.
If you are migrating a complex set of apps to AWS, a multi-account architecture can be a great option. AWS Control Tower was designed to make it easier to create and manage multi-account structures.
Multi-accounts have many benefits
Network isolation: Ensure that the services of one account are not affected by those of others.
Separation of Concerns: A company can make changes to its architecture, which is divided into different services, without affecting the accounts of other employees.
Scalability: Are you looking to start or stop an SDLC tier or application? You can do this knowing that the additional account is linked with the Hub and central security requirements.
Compliance: Separating development from production environments is often a legal requirement.
Role of AWS Control Tower
Create an organization using the AWS Organizations dashboard or AWS CLI. Next, add accounts, enable features and give access to other AWS services for your organization. AWS Organizations are free to use. Although the cost of using other integrated services may vary, it is still comparable to activating separate accounts. AWS Organizations allows you to create your environment and then accept the services one by one.
AWS Control Tower Case Studies
Here are some examples of how AWS Control Tower has been used to solve specific problems.
AtosAtos is a global leader of digital transformation. They provide end-to-end solutions for high-tech companies in the cloud, cybersecurity, and high-performance computing areas. Control Tower’s new data residency guardrails are being used by AtosAtos to assist with their customers’ data residency requirements.
LogicworksLogicworks assists customers in achieving operational excellence and compliance on cloud computing. The data residency guardrails provided AWS Control Tower by AWS allow customers to manage their technological needs at scale while still complying with data processing laws. They follow best practices in Infrastructure as Code and maintain government.