AWS Graviton Processor delivers 25% better compute performance

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AWS Graviton processors were custom-built and designed to provide the best price-performance ratio for cloud workloads. Graviton was launched in 2019 and we currently have three generations. Graviton 3 was the latest processor that AWS introduced in ReInvent 2021.
The Graviton 2 processor performs more than the first generation. It supports general-purpose, compute optimized, memory-optimized and storage-optimized computing workloads.
The Graviton 3 processors are the newest in the Graviton family. It offers 25% more compute performance, twice the high floating-point performance and cryptographic workload performance than earlier Graviton processors. It is 3x faster than Graviton 2. Graviton 3 supports DDR5 memory type. This provides 50% more memory bandwidth than Graviton 2, which has DDR4.
AWS Graviton’s Benefits
Cost-effective: Graviton processors use Arm architecture, which is similar to System on Chip (SoC). It uses less power and has a low cost.
Eco-System Support: It supports Linux-based operating systems. It includes Amazon Linux 2, SUSE and RedHat.
Effective CPU Power: Graviton processors offer up to 3.45% more performance.
General Purpose: Graviton processor improves the efficiency of micro-services, servers, data storing processes and cluster computing.
Networking: It provides enhanced C6gn network support, and can boost Elastic Fabric Operator’s network capabilities up to 100Gbps.
Graviton3 Processor in Use

The Graviton3’s 64 cores are located in the middle. Next, we separated the DDR5 memory controllers (including memory encryption and PCI-Express 5.0.0 peripheral controllers) from the cores. There are two PCI-Express controllers at the bottom and four DDR5 controllers on each side. Graviton3 is the first chip to support DDR5 memories. It also has 50 percent more bandwidth than the DDR4 RAM commonly used in servers today.

AWS Graviton Processors Power EC2 Instances
General Purpose
M6g,M6gd: The best price for general purpose workloads. It has balanced compute, memory and networking. It is powered by Graviton 2.
T4g: The best price performance for general-purpose burstable workloads and is powered Graviton 2.
Compute Optimized
C7g: The best price performance for compute-intensive workloads, powered by Graviton 3.
Graviton 2: C6g,C6gd, and C6gn: Graviton 2 is responsible for cost savings in compute-intensive workloads as well as network-intensive workloads.
Memory Optimized
R6g, and R6gd: The best price performance for memory-intensive workloads. It is powered by Graviton 2.
X2gd is the lowest cost per gigabyte of memory in Amazon EC2; it is powered by Graviton 2.
Storage optimized:
Im4gn: The best price performance for storage-intensive workloads, powered by Graviton 2.
Graviton 2 is the power behind Is4gen – Amazon EC2 SSD storage at the lowest price per TB
Accelerated Computing
G5g: The best price performance for Android gaming streaming and is powered Graviton 2.
AWS Services that Support Graviton
AWS Cloud9
AWS CodeCommit
AWS CodeDeploy
AWS CodePipiline
AWS Elastic Beanstalk
AWS System Manager
Amazon Aurora
Amazon CloudWatch
Amazon CodeBuild
Amazon Corretto
Amazon Elasticcache
Amazon Elastic Container Registry
Amazon Elastic Container Services
Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Services
Amazon OpenSearch Service
Amazon EMR
Amazon FSx Lustre
Amazon Inspector
Amazon Linux 2
Amazon RDS
AWS Lambda