AWS makes running SQL Server on EC2 cheaper

Amazon Web Services (AWS), this week implemented another round of price reductions — it’s the 62nd to-date — that affected Microsoft SQL Server instances that are running on Elastic Compute Clouds (EC2).
AWS supports running different versions of Microsoft’s relational databases platform on EC2, including the Express, Web Standard, Enterprise, and Standard editions.
These price cuts were announced Wednesday by Jeff Barr, AWS evangelist, for the SQL Server Standard edition that runs on the X1, I3, M4 or R4 instances. They are both on-demand as well as reserved.
EC2 supports the following SQL Server Standard Versions: 2008 (and R2) 2012, 2014, and 2016.
Prices have been reduced by up to 52 percent depending on where you live and what type of instance you are. Barr shared the following sample of price reductions in his blog:
AWS SQL Server Standard price reductions by region and instance. Source: AWS/Jeff Barr. “You can build and manage enterprise-scale applications, as well as massively scalable websites. Barr stated that mobile applications are now more affordable than ever before.
AWS has reduced the cost of multiple EC2 instances up to 21 percent since last week’s price reductions.