Best Workzone Software Alternatives to Project Management

Project managers use Workzone to manage multiple projects and keep them on track. Companies may also consider a Workzone alternative that is more appropriate for their budget and needs.
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Workzone Alternatives: What to look for
Best Workzone AlternativesAsana
Zoho Projects
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Workzone Alternatives: What to look for
Workzone is a popular choice for small and medium-sized businesses. It works best for companies between five and 500 employees. The following capabilities are vital for project teams searching for a similar platform:
High reliability and minimal downtime.
Storage space for tasks, projects, and workspaces
Ready-to-use templates for project management that can be used in a variety of workflows.
Multiple work views, including Gantt chart and task list views
Task dependencies or linking
Secure file sharing allows document collaboration
Workflow for automated review and approval
Digital asset annotation using direct PDF and image markingup
Reporting on project progress and team workload
Time tracking and shared calendars
Open API and integrations
Online support and responsive support
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Best Workzone Alternatives
Workzone offers a combination of document sharing, personalization, security, project management, and document sharing. Workzone alternatives are also available for companies or teams with more specific requirements.
Here are our recommendations.
Asana offers tools for project management, workflow management and reporting to help teams stay connected, organized, and productive across all types of work. Asana is preferred by smaller businesses more than Workzone by mid-sized companies.
These two software are most popular among teams in the advertising and marketing sectors. However, more IT and software developers prefer Asana. For small teams up to 15 members, it offers a free plan that allows unlimited tasks, messages, messages, storage, file collaboration, multiple work views, and unlimited tasks, projects, and messages. A paid plan offers more advanced features such as timeline view, unlimited dashboards and reporting across unlimited projects. Custom fields are also available.

Wrike is a versatile project management tool that allows teams to mix customization with ready-to-use tools. It provides a variety of views to give end-to-end visibility from a top-level portfolio view to individual task details. Collaboration is possible across teams via real-time comments, notifications, live editing and dynamic reports.
Wrike offers unlimited users a free plan and a variety of apps for mobile, desktop, and web. Users can create custom dashboards, workflows, or request forms. Wrike is an alternative for Workzone that allows mid-sized companies to empower their teams in IT, marketing, and software development.

Zoho Projects
Zoho Projects is a project management platform that’s affordable and can be used to assist users in planning, tracking, collaboration, and other activities. There are also paid plans that offer more advanced features and a free plan that allows you to add up to three users. The premium plan is best for small teams with up to 50 users. However, an enterprise plan is also available without any upper limits.
Zoho Projects offers multiple views of tasks, including board, list, and Gantt charts views. You can also create task dependencies between tasks and identify critical path functions that will help you avoid missing important tasks. The tool also offers team collaboration, automation and time management, charts, reports, user administration and customization, as well as integrations and an add-ons market. offers flexible pricing