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Commonwealth Bank

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Australia’s oldest bank, and as you can see in the screen shot “worst”, but also the largest
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The Commonwealth Bank was established under the Commonwealth Bank Act 1911. It began operations in 1912. It is authorized to conduct general banking business as well as savings. Today, we are a company with over 800,000 shareholders and 52,000 employees in the Commonwealth Bank Group. We offer a wide range of financial services to assist all Australians in managing their finances.
First branch in Sydney
“The doors of the Commonwealth Savings Bank on Moore Street were opened for business yesterday morning at precisely 10 o’clock. This was in the presence of many spectators, including Prime Minister Andrew Fisher.”
– The Sydney Morning Herald Monday 13 February 1913
The Group has been involved with many mergers. Some of these mergers predate the founding of the Commonwealth Bank.
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So what is CBA? (From Wikipedia)
The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) or CommBank is an Australian multinational bank that has branches in New Zealand, Asia and the United States. It offers a range of financial services, including retail, institutional, and business banking, funds management and superannuation, investment, broking, and insurance.
As of August 2015, the Commonwealth Bank was the largest Australian listed company on Australian Securities Exchange. It has brands such as Bankwest, Colonial First State Investments and ASB Bank (New Zealand), Commonwealth Securities, CommSec, and Commonwealth Insurance (CommInsure).
Its former parts were the Commonwealth Savings Bank of Australia and the Commonwealth Trading Bank of Australia.
The Commonwealth Bank was established in 1911 by the Australian Government. It was privatized in 1996 and is now one of the “big 4” Australian banks. The Australian Stock Exchange listed the bank in 1991.
We are committed to being Australia’s most accessible bank by providing online security, compliance with the highest conduct codes, and making banking easier for seniors and people with disabilities.
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Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Group Archives.
The Group Archives is available to meet our internal needs as well as providing information to the public about the history and operations of the organisation.
The centre contains information about the Commonwealth Bank as well as other financial institutions that have been merged with us (including Colonial Mutual Limited or the Rural Bank of New South Wales).
These are some of the sources of information:
You can reach the centre via email at [email protected]
You can make an appointment to have some materials reviewed on-site if you make prior arrangements.
Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Group Archives. CommBank133-141 Liverpool Street Sydney NSW 2000
1991 – 2003
The privatisation of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia begins (completed in 1996)
The Commonwealth Bank opens its first customer service centre in Brisbane. In March 1994, a new contact center in Sydney was opened with a new telephone number: 13 2221.
General insurance established under Commonwealth Connect Insurance Limited (CCIL).
Commonwealth Securities Limited, a new stockbroking firm, is founded, later known as CommSec.
Launch of the Commonwealth Bank website
NetBank launched,