Complete Google Certification Guide

Cloud computing is an integral part of many enterprise IT strategies. Public cloud offerings from Microsoft, Google, and Amazon are high on the list. Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and the G Suite set office productivity apps — are slower than their Azure and AWS competitors. However, Google’s CEO claims that it is the largest public cloud provider and fastest growing.
Google’s Android platform is not only a giant in mobile operating systems, but it is also a favorite for app development. G Suite’s story is less positive. Google competes with Microsoft’s Office and Office365 franchises, but even there, Google is making inroads.
This background is why it’s not surprising that Google has been busy promoting the Google Cloud Certification and Google Developer Certification programs to encourage user adoption of Google Cloud Platform and, separately, growth of Android-based tablet and mobile phone apps.
The SPOTO Google Certification guide is a comprehensive introduction of the various Google IT professional certification paths for Google Cloud Certification or Google Developer Certification. It can be found in these sections:
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What are Google Cloud Developer Certifications?
Google Cloud Platform is a small portion of Google’s product and service offerings. It trails its search and advertising offerings. There are many Google certifications available for search, education, and web advertising. Google Certified Level 1 certification, for example, validates a teacher’s proficiency in using Google tools within their classroom. This guide is not about search or advertising. It focuses instead on Google certification programs that relate to Google cloud technology (including G Suite and development certifications).
Google offers eight certifications
Google Associate Cloud Engineer
Google Professional Cloud Architect
Google Professional Data Engineer
Google Professional Cloud Security Engineer
Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer
Google Professional Cloud Developer
Google Professional Collaboration Engineer
Google G Suite

Google Cloud certifications start with an Associate-level certification for those who are new to IT and the Google Cloud Platform. We then move on to Professional-level Google tech certifications for more experienced IT professionals, such as data engineers and cloud architects.
The Google Cloud certification in G Suite is distinct from the professional- and associate-level Google certifications. G Suite certification targets office productivity specialists, who are usually help desk workers — and not IT professionals.
The Google Developer certifications, Google Associate Android Developer and Google Mobile Web Specialist, focus on validating mobile app developers’ proficiency and skill.
Google Associate Cloud Engineer (ACE)
The Google Associate Cloud Engineer certification was created for IT professionals who are new to cloud computing or junior-level employees who are newer to the Google Cloud Platform.
The ACE exam validates a candidate’s knowledge of cloud topics, both general and GCP-specific.
Create a cloud solution environment
Configure and plan a cloud solution
Implement and deploy a cloud solution
You can ensure the successful operation of your cloud solution
Configure access and security

Exam required: To earn the Google ACE certification, you must pass