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.fusion-fullwidth-2, .fusion-fullwidth-2.fusion-section-separator {padding-left: 0px !important;padding-right: 0px !important;}@media only screen and (max-width: 1100px) {}What is Corporate Membership?
Corporate Membership is a one-year, company-wide subscription to the data, news, research reports and the expertise of Staffing Industry Analysts.
Key benefits of membership include:
Research & Reports: Access to research reports, tools and templates that are summarized in our Corporate Membership Research Agenda.
Advice: Our team of expert analysts are available to share detailed, personalized insights and advise you on your company’s challenges and opportunities.
Networking: Opportunities to meet in person and on calls with your peers and the ability to share your expertise with the entire ecosystem of contingent work through discounted registration prices at our conferences and certification classes.
Webinars: Research presented by our analysts in monthly webinarsWhich Countries Do We Cover?
Corporate membership is available in three regions: Americas: Comprised of the United States, Canada and Latin America, EMEA (Europe, the Middle East & Africa): Comprised of European, Middle Eastern and African countries and APAC (Asia Pacific): Comprised of Asia and Australia/New Zealand. Every member receives a unique log-in and password with access to the regions purchased. Research content varies by region.
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US, Canada & Latin America” title=”” href=”#” shape=”poly” coords=”156,232,139,225,134,214,132,197,132,171,124,164,117,151,112,146,111,138,67,96,65,70,71,56,69,46,37,54,25,43,33,24,51,19,84,18,95,22,103,21,111,15,125,12,158,9,178,7,196,7,214,7,224,10,211,29,202,30,193,36,182,43,174,34,169,41,172,61,163,63,155,71,134,83,130,98,142,110,152,119,163,129,168,136,175,138,184,143,189,149,179,174,171,180,162,198,155,207,151,211,165,222″/>APAC
Asia & Australia/NZ” title=”” href=”#” shape=”poly” coords=”349,125,342,118,342,111,338,105,334,103,331,99,337,93,341,84,339,80,335,74,332,74,334,64,339,66,354,57,362,51,369,57,379,56,388,54,389,50,394,53,399,54,404,57,404,65,407,70,415,72,418,69,420,67,421,64,425,60,436,63,430,68,428,71,431,81,420,86,415,86,411,89,410,93,412,100,415,112,420,122,421,129,424,134,431,135,437,136,446,141,450,145,459,143,469,150,476,156,481,164,480,183,481,203,476,208,458,217,451,216,441,201,440,207,432,212,426,208,425,200,419,195,416,192,408,196,400,197,394,198,390,190,393,187,393,175,398,168,405,167,410,161,408,156,392,154,380,146,376,139,374,134,369,129,369,118,359,113,356,129,346,129″/>EMEA
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EMEA: Europe, Middle East & Africa
APAC: Asia & Australia/NZ
Who Should Become a Member?
Corporate membership was initially designed primarily for staffing firm executives, owners and their employees. The staffing world has grown and Corporate Membership is now a strategic resource available to the entire contingent workforce ecosystem including VMS, MSP and RPO providers; suppliers to staffing firms; investment banks; government entities; non-profit organizations and others.Become a Member Now
The annual corporate membership fee is based on your company’s revenue and geographical scope. Corporate membership gives access to all of your employees for one flat rate. Purchase one, two or all three regions in any combination to take full advantage of our independent and objective research and analysis.
Visit our online store to determine the price of corporate membership for your organization. Our Corporate Membership Fact Sheet gives you all the details. If you still have questions, please contact Member Services at [email protected] or 800-950-9496.SIGN UP TODAY.fusion-fullwidth-3 {padding-left: 20px !important;padding-right: 20px !important;}Where Do I Sign Up?
Please visit our online store to determine the price of corporate membership for your organization and to sign up.
How Can I Get More Information?
Our Corporate Membership Fact Sheet gives you all the details. If you still have questions, please contact Member Services at [email protected] or 800-950-9496 FREE
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