Hortonworks offers Big Data Service on AWS

Hortonworks Inc., which previously partnered with Microsoft in order to bring its Big Data offerings into the Azure cloud, today announced that it will now be expanding to the Amazon Web Services Inc. cloud.
According to the company, its new Hortonworks Data Cloud (AWS) will offer enterprises a faster way to run Apache Hadoop and Spark workloads in AWS. The new service is now available on AWS Marketplace. It reportedly combines the most popular enterprise-grade capabilities from the company’s flagship Hortonworks Data Platform with AWS hourly or annual billing options.
Hortonworks offers commercialized products and services that are based on open-source technology like Spark, Hadoop, and Hive. Along with Cloudera Inc., MapR Technologies Inc., the company is often considered to be one of the most prominent distributors of enterprise data offerings that leverage such technologies.
The company had previously adopted cloud computing as part its “connected data architecture” in June and named Microsoft Azure HDInsight its Premier Connected Data Platforms (cloud solution) solution.
It now extends its reach to the largest public cloud service provider by offering two components of the new offering on AWS Marketplace: Hortonworks Data Cloud Controller Service and Hortonworks Data Cloud HDP Services.
Developers will be able to create pre-configured HDP Spark and Hive clusters that can be integrated with existing Amazon S3 (storage), Amazon RDS(relational database services) and Amazon EC2 (“compute”) systems. The company stated that this will offer “a highly prescriptive environment” for working with popular use case scenarios such as data science and exploration, data preparation and extract-transform and load (ETL), data analytics, and reporting.
Hortonworks claims that the data cloud is designed to allow data scientists, developers, and end users to be more productive. It will allow them to focus more on processing and generating business insights from data than on configuring and maintaining data platform infrastructure.
The company stated that the demand by businesses for real-time decision making, gaining competitive advantage, and managing costs are driving three main trends in the IT industry: cloud computing and the Internet of Things. “Hortonworks’ unique connected architecture approach to data architecture addresses each trend by giving organizations optimal footprint for agility and elasticity, cost, and most importantly, real-time analytics. Businesses can gain insight into data faster than ever before with Hortonworks Data Cloud AWS.
Next month, Hortonworks will provide more details in a webinar entitled “How to Get Started With Hortonworks Data Cloud For AWS.”