How to crack AWS-certified Alexa Skill Builder? Blog

The AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder-Specialty exam (AXS-01) will be retired on March 23, 2021.
AWS Certified Alexa Skills Builder – Specialty is Amazon’s first AWS certification. This certification certifies Alexa, the popular virtual assistant that powers Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker. Amazon launched this certificate to allow developers to obtain the validation to work with the virtual assistant for smart speakers.
AWS Certificate Alexa Skills Builder is for individuals who are skilled in building Alexa skills. This certification certifies a candidate’s ability build, test, publish and publish Amazon Alexa skills.
Why should you become an AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder
AWS Certified Skill Building – Specialty Exam (AXS-01) is designed to test a candidate’s knowledge about building, testing and publishing Amazon Alexa Skills.
This exam tests the candidate’s ability:
Clarify the value of voice
Design the user experience
Learn about Alexa and AWS’s best practices when it comes to a skill.
To build a skill, design and develop architecture.
Learn a skill.
Test your skill.
Validate a skill.
Troubleshoot a skill.
Manage the skill publishing process
Alexa developer console
Manage your lifecycle and skills operations
What are Alexa Skills?
Alexa Skills are basically third-party apps that Amazon uses to control its smart speakers.
Weather Programs
Home Automation Functions
Games and more
Alexa Skills Kit is software that developers use to create and publish new skills. Developers use Amazon’s AWS Lambda to run their code entirely on the cloud.
Prerequisites for the AWS Certified Alexa Skills Builder’s Exam
Amazon recommends certain prerequisites to pass the Alexa Skill Builder Examination.
Candidates should have at least six months experience using Alexa Skills Kit to build Alexa skills, which may include skills that integrate services from AWS Cloud.
Candidates should be proficient at least one programming language.
Candidate must have published an Alexa Skill previously.
How to prepare for the AWS Certified Alexa Skills Builder’s Exam
Experience is the best way to prepare for the Alexa Skill Builder exam. There are many AWS Training courses that can be used to help candidates gain additional skills and knowledge to prepare them for certification. Here are some tips to help prepare for the exam. These study tips will help you have the best chance of passing the exam.
Exam Content
Types of questions
There are basically two types of questions in the AWS Certified Alexa Skills Builder’s Exam:
Multiple Choice – Candidates must choose one correct option from the four options.
Multiple-Response: These questions offer two or more answers out of five options.
Candidates should be prepared to choose one or more answers that best answer the question. Questions that are not answered will be marked as incorrect. There is no negative marking for incorrect answers.
Unscored Content
Some items are not scored and are placed on the test to collect statistics. Unscored items cannot be identified on the form, and they have no effect on your score.
Below is a list of the main domains and weightings that fall under the AWS Certified Amazona Skill Builder’s Exam:
Domain% of ExaminationVoice-First Design Capabilities & Practices14%Skill Design24%Skill Architecture14%Skill Development20%Test, Validate & Troubleshoot18%Publishing, Operations & Lifecycle Management5-10%Alexa Skills Kit Command Line Interface2-3%Personalization2-3%TOTAL100%Domain 1: Voice-First Design Practices and Capabilities (14%)1.1 Explain how user-interaction takes place with skills1.2 Map features and capabilities to use cases
Domain 2: Skill Design (24%). 2.1 Design and create an interaction model2.2 Design a multiturn conversation2.3 Use built in intents and slots2.4 Handle unexpected conversationsal requests or responses2.5 Design multimodal skills using one or multiple service interfaces (for instance, audio, video and gadgets).
Domain 3: Skill Architecture (14%). Identify AWS services to extend Alexa skill functionality (Amazon CloudFront and Amazon S3, Amazon CloudWatch and Amazon DynamoDB). 3.2 Use AWS Lambda for building Alexa skills
Domain 4: Skill development (20%)
Domain 5: Validate, Test and Troubleshoot (18%)
Domain 6: Publishing and Operations Management (10%)
Domain 7: Alexa Skills Kit Command Line Interface – ASK CLI
Domain 8: Personalization
8.1 Accessing Customer Information
8.2 Account Linking
Exam Results
AWS Certified Alexa Skills Builder’s Exam (AXS-01) has only two options. A candidate can either pass or fail the exam. Certain Amazon Alexa professionals are trained to use industry best practices and guidelines. They set a minimum standard against whom candidates must score.