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Amazon is the cloud’s greatest behemoth with AWS. AWS certifications are based on a candidate’s knowledge and expertise in major cloud tools. AWS offers a variety certifications in a variety disciplines. The most basic of these certifications is the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam.
What is the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certificate?
This certification is a prerequisite for specialty certificates and serves to introduce them. This certification is the first in the AWS certification ladder. It is becoming increasingly popular and in high demand in the region. It is a test of fundamental understanding of Cloud Architecture, AWS. This certification does not require technical knowledge that has been tested in other certifications. It verifies applicants’ ability to describe AWS cloud architecture concepts, AWS value proportions and important AWS platform services, security, compliance issues, and the essential features of implementing AWS and managing AWS among other things.
Who should receive the certification?
Anyone with at least six months’ experience in AWS can apply for certification. This includes any function that involves technical, financial, sales, or management. Individuals with IT experience are qualified as they have the ability to use IT services.
Exam Information – AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
The Certification Test is a multiple choice format that takes ninety minutes. There might be two types of questions among the 65 questions. There are two types of questions: those that have one correct answer and three incorrect answers, as well the ones with multiple correct answers to a single query. However, there is no negative grading. Questions that have not been tried are still considered incorrect.
The test covers four main topics: cloud concepts, security and technology, billing and pricing, and billing and price.
Cloud topics make up 28% of the exam’s total weighting. Security accounts for 24% of the exam’s weighting, while technology, billing and price account respectively for 36%, 12%, and 36%.
The exam covers topics such as AWS cost calculator, Shared Security Model and DDoS protection, as well basic AWS services like EC2, RDS and ELB.
After the exam is over, candidates are notified about their results. AWS uses a scaled scoring system and conducts an in-depth examination of the candidate’s performance.
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How to prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam
1. Training :
To prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam, one might begin by enrolling in AWS training programs. This course covers AWS Cloud Practitioner basics as well as AWS technical business principles. Cloud Practitioner basics covers the fundamentals of cloud computing. This includes cloud principles, AWS support, security, architecture, and cloud principles. This course provides a comprehensive overview of AWS Cloud. The Technical Essentials course focuses on cloud goods and specific solutions. It also examines AWS services that can help with IT problems. This course is more hands-on. Business basics teaches you how to make financial profits and how cloud installations can be beneficial and important for your overall business goals.
2. Exam Guide:-
AWS offers its exam guide, which explains the areas that are required to prepare for certification exams and gives an overview of its objectives.
3. Whitepapers and Documentation:
The AWS whitepapers provide a method for approaching the Certification course. The whitepapers provide detailed and informative information about the exam’s relevant topics. It also provides an overview of AWS Cloud’s many uses.
4. Practice tests and sample questions :-
It is prudent to review sample questions and attempt practice tests before applying for certification. This would allow one to get a realistic assessment of his preparation, as well as information about the exam’s structure. You can find full-length practice exams online. It is best to take the exams from at least two different platforms to get a broad and varied feel for the questions.
5. Books:-
You can find handouts and books to help you plan your AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam path. Accessible literature includes everything you need, from a beginner’s guide to more detailed information. Based on the candidate’s level of knowledge in the subject, a book will be given. Books can be classified according their intended audience: programming specialists, novices, Amazon tool packages and so forth.
6. Schedule the exam and get certified :
It is recommended that applicants schedule their exam according to their qualifications, preparation, certification validity and other advantages. If necessary, a candidate can reschedule within 24 hours and there will not be any additional expenses.
7. Online Courses:
Online courses can be beneficial for instructor-led training, video sessions, or conversations. It is easier to understand and use visual material for clarifications and explanations. The platform used for the purpose will impact the candidate’s ability to learn. It is therefore important that the applicant draws a well-informed, well-researched conclusion.
8. Suggestions:
It is important to take a methodical approach to the certification test, as it can be challenging. For knowledge and discussion, join online forums. Keep up to date about the latest AWS products.
After the Certification:
The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification has validity