How to Pass the AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam Blog

Amazon Web Services (AWS), certification is rapidly becoming a popular and essential certification for IT professionals working in the cloud computing industry. Amazon-Web Services offers three associate-level certifications: the AWS Certified Developer Associate.
The AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam tests your knowledge of AWS core services, their uses and best practices. It also demonstrates your proficiency in developing, deploying, and debugging cloud-based apps using AWS.
Amazon Web Services (AWS), which allows you to create and transfer any type or application over the cloud, is widely used around the world. AWS certification will open up many doors and improve your skills to offer a secure path. AWS certification can also increase your earning potential. The AWS Certified Developer Associate Salary averages around Rs. 7,25,000 an year. This article provides a brief overview of AWS Developer Associate certification (DVA– C01), exam outline, and exam preparation guide.
Why Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Many companies have their own cloud services, which has resulted in fierce competition with other cloud service providers to be at the top. Amazon Web Services (AWS), is one of the most popular cloud services that has had a positive impact on companies and individuals worldwide.
AWS services include features such as Data encryption and access controls that provide data security over the cloud. AWS can host dynamic websites and run multiple web and applicationservers. It also has hybrid capabilities to work with.
AWS offers three levels of certification, from Associate to Professional. AWS Certified Developer Associate (AWS Certified Developer Associate) is the most basic AWS certification Architecture.
Overview of AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam
AWS Developer Associate Certification (DVA–C01) exam is designed to assess your knowledge and skills in developing, deploying and troubleshooting applications that are based on cloud using AWS and its basic architecture. The AWS Developer Associate exam will allow candidates to gain a solid understanding of core services and best practices in AWS architecture.
Exam Overview
Candidates with advanced experience in developing and maintaining AWS apps are eligible to take the AWS Developer Associate exam. This certification will test your knowledge in developing, debugging, and deploying cloud-based applications.
Exam Details for AWS Certified Developer Associate
Exam NameAWS Certified Developer Associate Exam codeDVA-C01Exam duration130 minutesExam cost$150 USDExam questionsMultiple Choice and Multiple Response QuestionsExam ScoringScore from 100 to 1000Passing Score70%- 75%Exam LanguageEnglish and Simplified ChineseExam eligibility1. 2. Experience in developing AWS applications for at least 1 year. Knowledge of one advanced programming language. Ability to code serverless applicationsCourse Structure for AWS Certified Developer Associate
Five domains are covered in the AWS Certified Developer Associate Course Outline. These are:
AWS Developer Associate – Domain 1: Deployment
The 22% weightage for the Deploymentdomain exam in AWS Developer Associate exams includes topics such as:
Implementing the written code in AWS using CD/CIpipelines or patterns
How to use Elean Beanstalk for deployingapplications.
How to prepare the deployment application for AWS.
Serverless application deployment.
AWS Developer Associate – Domain 2: Security
AWS Developer Associate security domain includes encryption methods and authentication. It has 26% weightage. This certification includes an important section. Thisincludes,
How to authenticate calls to AWS services
Implementing authorization and authentication applications
Implementing encryption using AWS services.
AWS DeveloperAssociate Domain 3: Development with AWS Services
This domain covers the 30% exam weightage that is important to focus on when you are preparing. This domain covers the following sections:
How to translate functional requirements into design concepts.
Writing code for serverless apps and code that interacts using AWS services via API’s and AWS CLI.
Implementing application design in application code
AWS Developer Associate – Domain 4: Refactoring
Thisdomain will provide detailed information about AWS services as well as the features that are included in them. It covers 10% of the weightage in exam. The sections covered in it are.
Migration of the existing application code into runon AWS
Optimizing applications to use the best features of AWS services
AWS Developer Associate Domain 5: Monitoring & Troubleshooting
Monitoringand Troubleshooting is a domain that has 12% weightage. You will learn how to identify faults and monitor them. This section includes,
To have it monitored, you will need to write code.
Perform root cause analysis of the faults found during production or testing.
Exam Prerequisites
AWS Certified Developer Associate Prerequisites:
It is essential to have at least 1 year of experience in developing and maintaining AWS-based applications.
You should be proficient in at least one advanced level programming language and have knowledge of AWS core services.
You will need to know how to code serverless applications and how AWS service API’s, SDKs and AWS CLI are used to write applications.
Exam Structure
Questions for AWS Developer Associate certification are in MCQ format. Exam is divided into two types:
Multiple choice questions. In this case, you can only choose one correct answer from four.
Multiple answer questions. This allows for multiple correct answers to the options provided.
Exam Scoring
You will need to choose one or more of the best answers depending on the type and difficulty you are trying to solve for AWS Developer Associate exam