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Amazon Web Service (AWS), certification is a great way to achieve your certification goals and become a professional in the area you are interested. AWS certifications offer specialties that are designed for professionals who have deep and advanced knowledge. AWS Certified Security Specialty exam is also for those with deep knowledge in security services.
AWS certified security specialty certification provides professionals with the opportunity for professional development and a high-paying position within their company. It also increases your earning potential, as the AWS Certified Security Specialty salary averages US$78k per year.
Let’s first take a look at the different AWS certification levels. AWS certification offers different certifications depending on your skills, experience, and matching interest.
AWS Certification Levels
It includes Foundation level certification for individuals who wish to improve their skills and understanding of AWS cloud. This role is suitable for people in technical, financial, and purchasing management.
This category has three certification levels, including –
First, the AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate program is for individuals with at least two years of experience in managing and operating AWS systems.
AWS Certified Developer Associate is a second course that is intended for Software Developers or individuals who are performing a developer role.
AWS Certified SysOps administrator is the third level. This certification is for system administrators with at least one year experience in AWS deployment, management, and operation.
After obtaining Associate level certification, individuals can apply for Professional Level Certification. This certification includes:
AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional is for individuals with at least two years of experience in managing and operating AWS systems.
AWS Certified DevOps Engineering is for individuals with at least two years of experience in provisioning, operating, and managing AWS environments.
AWS also offers three Specialty Certifications.
AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty was created for individuals who are skilled in complex networking tasks.
AWS Certified Big Data Specialty, which is second, is for individuals who are skilled in performing complex Big Data analyses. This exam validates the examinee’s technical skills in designing and implementing AWS services that derive value from data.
AWS Certified Security Specialty III is for individuals who are responsible for security. AWS certification validates the ability of an examinee to demonstrate knowledge about AWS security.
Why AWS Security Specialty, SCS-C01?
AWS has launched advanced certifications to help you upgrade your skills with the most current technologies and services. AWS Security Specialty certification requires an understanding of AWS mechanisms and AWS Security services to implement them.
AWS security certification – this specialty certification is for professionals who work in security roles and want to improve their knowledge and experience in designing and implementing security solutions to secure AWS.
AWS Certified Security-Specialty is for individuals with at least two years of experience in securing AWS workloads.
AWS Security Specialty Exam Overview
The AWS Certified Security Specialty exam is designed to help Security Professionals improve their skills and experience in designing and implementing security solutions that secure AWS platform. This certification tests your knowledge and skills in securing AWS platform.
Exam CodeSCS-01Exam TypeSpecialityExam Time170 minutesExam Cost$300 USDExam FormatMultiple choice questions and multiple responsesExam ScoringScaled score between 100 and 1000Passing Score75% to 80%Exam LanguageEnglish and KoreanExam Question Format
AWS Certified Security Specialty Questions come with two types of questions
Multiple choice questions will be presented. You only have one correct answer from four options.
Multiple responsive questions, in which there can be multiple correct answers from all the options.
Guidelines for Exam Scores
AWS Security Specialty exam certification allows you to choose one or more of the best answers depending on the typeofquestions.
AWS exam does not deduct marks for incorrect answers.
It is possible that there may be content in the exam that does not have a score. This is because it is only for general information and will not have any effect on your exam.
Exam Result Process
Score can be rated between 100 and 1000.
You need to score between 75% and 80% on a percentage basis.
The AWS Security Specialty exam follows a pass or fail format. The exam result will be mailed within five business days from the date of the exam.
You only need to score the overall passing score for this exam. It is not necessary to pass every section.
Each section of the exam has a different weighting. The number of questions for each section varies.
Policy on Examination Retake
AWS has certain rules that allow you to take the certification exam again. The rules state that you must wait 14 days before you can retake the exam. There is no limit on how many times you can take the exam. You can take it as many times as you like until you pass the certification.
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