Learn Skills for a Successful Career with Microsoft Have you ever wondered what skills are necessary for a successful career as a Microsoft technology professional? This webinar is for you, whether you’re a future Microsoft employee or looking for inspiration and expert advice on how to improve your skills to build a career as a tech leader. This webinar will feature Andrew Ludlow (Enterprise Security Executive) and Jason Johnson (Microsoft Aspire Experience Program Director), who will discuss in-demand certifications as well as soft skills for a career at Microsoft. They will also focus on cybersecurity skills.

Andrew Ludlow – Jason Johnson

Andrew Ludlow, Enterprise Security Executive, is a Microsoft Security Specialist with responsibilities to inform and educate Chief Information Security Officers (CIOs) and Senior Security Leadership about Microsoft’s Security Solutions. Andrew was previously a Strategic Account Executive at Symantec Corporation, a top CyberSecurity company. He also worked with CA Technologies’ Security Division, where he was a Senior Solutions Strategist focusing on Identity and Access Management. Jason Johnson is currently a Director in Microsoft’s Employee Career & Development Team (ECD). He leads the Microsoft Aspire Experience, a 2-year learning & development program for incoming university employees. His goal is to support Microsoft’s incredible undergraduate talent and help them succeed in their new professional careers. Jason was previously a Microsoftstore.com employee where he was responsible for non-traditional talent pipelines as well as early career employees. Jason was responsible for the launch of Microsoft’s Apprenticeship program with Apprenti, which is registered with the US Department of Labor. He also designed and landed a program called Discover Day that Microsoft uses to showcase its current internal career fair.