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Are you ready to revise for the MS-100 exam quickly? This cheat sheet is designed to be a quick review for the MS100 exam. It contains all the information and resources you need to pass the exam. It’s not uncommon for last-minute preparation to be confusing. We have designed this Microsoft 365 Identity and Services cheat sheet (MS-100) to clear up any confusion. Our cheat sheet has another significant advantage: it is divided into sections. It starts with the basic test criteria, and ends with the most important study material. This ensures that nothing gets lost.
To fully understand the Microsoft 365 Identity and Services test (MS-100), you need to first understand the basic facts and requirements. Let’s now get to the basics and overview of the MS-100 exam.
Microsoft 365 Identity and Services (MS100): Overview
Microsoft 365 Identity and Services exam (MS-100). This exam evaluates your ability to manage Microsoft 365 services. These administrators are responsible for managing Microsoft 365 tenants for an enterprise. This includes its identities, security, compliance and supporting technologies.
However, every exam has some knowledge requirements. Take a look at these to get a quick overview.
Exam Knowledge Requirement
First, you need to be familiar with Microsoft 365 workloads.
Secondly, you must be an administrator for at minimum one Microsoft 365 workload (Exchange or SharePoint, Skype for Business or Windows as a Service).
Finally, you will need to have a working knowledge in networking, server administration and IT fundamentals like DNS, Active Directory, PowerShell, and PowerShell.
Moving forward, however, the MS-100 exam will allow you to acquire a variety of skills, including:
To first, design, configure, manage, and maintain a Microsoft 365 tenant
Secondly, understanding the Office 365 product functionality
Thirdly, skills to set up Office 365
Then, managing Office 365 ProPlus deployments
Final, planning and implementing identity syncization with external access and implementing application
Microsoft 365 Identity and Services Cheat Sheet (MS-100 Exam)
We will be discussing the most important study resources you can use to revise the Microsoft 365 Identity and Services MS-100 test cheat sheet. These links also include Microsoft documentation links organized by topic that will direct you to the topic of your choice. Let’s start with the guide. It will help you prepare for the exam.
1. Learn the objectives of the exam
This cheat sheet will give you a quick refresher on things you already know. This is the most important thing to start with. Your head will be flooded with MS-100 themes, talents, and other information. Exam objectives can help you understand the concepts and allow you to focus on future revisions. The test objectives can also help you to strengthen the subtopics and modules. Below are the relevant subjects for Microsoft 365 Identity and Services MS-100. This includes the following:
The Course Outline for Microsoft MS-100 exam has been updated on February 24, 2021.
Design and Implement Microsoft 365 Services
1.1 Plan architecture
plan integration of Microsoft 365 and on-premises environments (Microsoft Documentation:Microsoft 365 integration)
identify deployment workloads team (Microsoft Documentation:SharePoint in Microsoft 365,Configure Microsoft 365 Enterprise services and applications,Microsoft Teams)
plan identity and authentication solution (Microsoft Documentation:Microsoft 365 identity models and Azure Active Direct