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Microsoft Querying Data in SQL Server 70-761 exam is the first exam related to querying data using Transact in SQL Server. This exam validates your knowledge of SQL Server 2016 Transact SQL data management, query programming and queries. This exam will also validate your knowledge and skills to query and manage data as well as to program databases. Deep learning is required for this exam, which covers a large syllabus. The Microsoft 70-761 exam can help you launch your career and take you to new heights.
Microsoft Exam 70-761 Details
The Microsoft 70-761 exam will be your first step to earning the MCSA certification.
After passing both Microsoft 70-761 Querying Data using Transact-SQL as well as Microsoft 70-762 Developing SQL Databases, you will be awarded the Expert Certification of MCSA SQL 2016 Database Development. The MCSA: SQL 2016, Database Development certification demonstrates your skills as an expert database developer, both for cloud-based and on-premises databases.
Microsoft Exam 70-761 Objectives
Microsoft Querying Data using Transact-SQL 70-761 exam focuses upon the following objectives:
First, filter, sort and join data.
Second, you can use sub queries, table expressions and grouping sets.
Next, query temporal and non-relational information and output XML and JSON
You can also create views, user-defined function, and stored procedures
Finally, implement error handling, transactions and data types.
Target Audience for Microsoft Exam 70-761
This exam is for SQL Server database administrators, developers, and system engineers who want to validate their knowledge and skills in writing queries. This exam is also for IT professionals who want to improve their status by focusing upon the critical-thinking, decision-making acumen required for success at the MCSA Level.
Study GuideforMicrosoft Exam 70-761
Preparation is key to passing an exam. Preparation requires consistency and determination. This study guide is specially designed to help you pass the Microsoft 70-761 Exam Certification the first time. Let’s go over each step.
Step 1: Refer to the Official Exam Guide
Before you begin your preparations, you should first read the official guide for Microsoft 70-761 exam. You should familiarize yourself with the objectives and course areas of the exam. You should also spend enough time on each topic and have a thorough knowledge of the subject. The exam covers the following three domains:
Domain 1- Manage data using Transact-SQL (40 – 45%)
Create Transact-SQL SELECT queries
This domain is focused on topics such as: Identifying the correct SELECT query structure, writing specific queries to meet business requirements, constructing results from multiple queries with set operators, distinguishing between UNION AND UNION ALL behaviour, and identifying the query that would return expected outcomes based on provided data and/or table structure
Joins allow you to query multiple tables at once
Write join statements using tables, data and requirements to create queries; determine the proper usage of INNER, LEFT/RIGHT/FULL-OUTER JOIN and CROSSJOIN; construct multiple operators using AND OR; determine correct results when presented by multi-table SELECT statements, source data; and write queries with NULLs about joins
Implement functions and aggregate data
Construct queries using scalar and table-valued functions. Identify the impact of function usage on query performance and WHERE clausesargability. Use built-in aggregate functions. Use arithmetic and date-related functions.
Modify data
Write the INSERT, DELETE, and UPDATE statements. Determine which statements can be used for loading data to a table based upon its structure and constr