Microsoft 98-349: Windows Operating System Fundamentals Study guide

TheExam 98-349: Windows Operating System Fundamentalsexam validates that you have a solid understanding of the fundamental concepts of Windows operating system in a Windows 10 environment. This certification exam will allow you to demonstrate real-world proficiency in Windows Operating System. This certification will also give you an edge over your peers and provide financial benefits.
Microsoft certifications are among the most popular in the IT industry. They show your passion for your career and validate your talents with a globally recognized badge. Remember that preparation takes time so get started early. You will learn and progress throughout your adventure, which will help you to broaden your knowledge. This study guide will help you make your preparations easier. Let’s start by reviewing the basics of the test.
Target Audience: Microsoft 98-349
The Windows Operating System Fundamentals MTA exam 98349 is primarily for those listed below.
First, Home PC users
Second, Academic workers
Information workers are the third.
IT professionals are also welcome.
Then, Developers
Windows Operating System Fundamentals MTA exam, 98 349 study guide
Exam preparation is a difficult task in itself. You will need to put in a lot effort, drive, consistency, and hard work to pass the Microsoft 98-349 Exam. This study guide will provide all the information and tools that you need to begin studying for this exam.
Check out the official guide
You will need the Microsoft 98-349 official guide to get started. The Windows Operating System Fundamentals MTA exam 983 349 study guide and course content will give you a better idea of the test. You must be familiar with the exam’s objectives before you can begin studying. You should also be familiar with the test domains in order to tailor your study strategy. This exam covers the following domains:
Domain 1- Understanding Operating Systems Configurations (15-20%)
This domain covers the concepts of configuring Control Panel options, configuring desktop settings, and configuring native applications and tools. You can also configure management tools and mobility settings.
Domain 2- Installation and Upgrading Client Systems (15-20%)
This domain also focuses on topics such as identifying Windows operating system editions, and identifying upgrade paths. Learn about installation types and the architecture of the operating system.
Domain 3- Managing Applications (15-20%)
This domain covers the concepts of configuring applications and configuring user account control (UAC). Next, configure antivirus settings and learn about services.
Domain 4- Managing Files & Folders (15-20%)
This domain will then focus on concepts to understand file systems and file and print sharing. Also, learn encryption and libraries
Domain 5- Managing Devices (15-20%)
This domain covers topics such as understanding storage, connecting devices, and printing devices. Also, learn about system devices
Domain 6- Understanding Operating System Maintenance (15-20%)
This domain is primarily focused on understanding backup and recovery methods. Also, learn about maintenance tools and how to configure updates
Step 1: Sign up for instructor-led training
Course 40349B: Windows Operating System Fundamentals: MTA Exam 98-349
This 3-day workshop is for applicants who wish to take Exam 98-349. This Microsoft 98-349 course will teach you Operating System Configurations, Client System Upgrades, Application Management and Files and Folders. It also covers Operating System Maintenance.
After completing this course, candidates will be able to master the following skills:
Understanding Operating System Configurations is the first step.
Secondly, installing and upgrading client systems
Third, Management of Applications
Also, how to manage files and folders