Motivation and Leadership: Practical Application

How to combine leadership and motivation into one practical guide. This speech was given on PMI Kyiv Chapter in 2016. Download Slide Deck (PDF).
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The house was full of people.
Do you realize that motivation and leadership are in fact manipulation? It will be easy for you to lead people if you can accept this. If you don’t believe it, I’ll explain why.
You will also learn the most important aspects of motivational and leadership skills. To build a strong project team, you will need them all layered together.
From the experiments I did on humans, I was able to get materials for this masterclass. Everything was perfect. However, I did it deliberately.
I was a part of a project that I completed with one client. It became clear that we would be doing many similar tasks over the next several years. I was conscious of long-term motivation right from the beginning.
I ran a variety of experiments to find out what was working and what wasn’t. Everything was tested in a real project environment.
Let’s begin.
I’m sure you already saw this pyramid. To simplify the approach, I used a representation from Maslow’s hierarchy.
But I reversed it.
It outlines the conditions that you, as a leader or project manager, must create and support. These recommendations can help you boost or correct your team’s motivation.
I will tell you all about the elements at each level.
I will also provide the slide decks, mentioned resources, and after the video. Please focus on the presentation material.
Today, there is no need for food to be harvested or hunted. There is no need to battle the weather or environment. If you don’t live in extreme poverty, why bother with your physiology?
Okay, now close the toilet in your workplace for a few days. Or, you can turn off the water supply. It will be apparent in no time.
Here’s a key takeaway. Before you take any serious steps to motivate people, ensure that their physiological needs are met.
You will waste your time otherwise.
A good night’s sleep is a physiological necessity. Remember sleep-deprived team members who work overtime, have children at home, and who lead a busy nightlife. These factors will impede your motivation.
Okay, safety and security. You may have noticed that predators don’t hunt people on the streets anymore. The government tries to protect us. The police are always available.
Safety and security have evolved over time.
Today, financial and social stability are the best indicators of safety and security. It is a belief in the future.
Employees should be paid enough. It should also be reviewed as the employee grows. There should also be a clear correlation between rewards and efforts.
Although you might not be able to negotiate salary, you can influence your superiors. This should not be a reason to give up on your ability to negotiate salary.
You can also fire people from your company. Never threaten to layoff someone. It does not motivate. Don’t gossip about firing someone.
However, safety and security are the foundation of all motivation. It is fragile.
I was unfortunate enough to be able to lead a project in a time of raging revolution, just a few kilometers from my office. Then came the war on our East.
I can tell you in a split second that social and financial security breaks are coming. Your best option is to help people overcome their fears and give them em.