Oracle: Get a new certification to become an Oracle Exadata Administrator

There aren’t many royal roads in life. As the saying goes, “no crown, no cross” will help you to break new ground. This certification will only be granted if you have a deep understanding of the subject, and a mastery of Exadata administration, ASM administration and Network administration.
Do you know how to install an Exadata Database Machine? Do you know how to administer it? If you answered “Yes!” This Oracle certification exam is for those who answered “Yes!” If your answer is no, does that mean you should give in and surrender? You don’t have to give up. Fear not!
You only need a strong desire to achieve the certification. You will need to be well-versed in Exadata concepts and details. This includes the Database Machine Architecture, First Time Defibrillation, Patching, Smart Storage Operations and Storage Indexes. Smart Scan, Smart Resource Manager, Smart Scan, Exadata monitoring, tuning, backup and recovery considerations, and migration to Exadata. It’s possible that you’ll be hard at work, even sweat your pants, but it’s well worth it.
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