Software review: AceProject [2011]

General Information
Name: AceProject
Vendor: Websystems, Inc.
Hosting options: You can either host the website hosted version or host it yourself.
Basic accounts with 5 users or 5 projects are free. This only allows you to complete 50 tasks, which I find not very impressive. You can choose from a sliding scale of pricing to increase functionality. The Gold package costs $99 per month for unlimited users and projects, as well as 20GB of document storage.
Languages: English and French
Currency: You can add your currency symbol here
Building projects: Basic features
It is easy to create a project. Enter the information for the new project in ‘My Assigned Projects. If you have repeating projects, there is an option to create a project from a template.
It is easy to add tasks. If the task is not in progress, you will need to give a start date and an end date. There is an option to set ‘In Progress’ tasks so that they default to starting on the current date. You can add dates manually by clicking the button to add today’s data.
AceProjectTasks allows you to add new tasks. They will appear alongside the original one at the bottom. Although you can re-order your list to make it look the other way, it defaults to this view if the user clicks away from the task list. It’s not a problem. However, it is not how I think. I think downwards, like a list with the first thing to do at the top.
To overcome this limitation, you can add tasks to the tables and charts. This would work if there was a complete WBS before. If you are missing something and want to add it halfway down the list, this won’t work. I tried to add task 3 to the list, but was told that I couldn’t. I would have task 9 added at the end. It would be nice to have automatic renumbering or a way for you to rearrange the tasks if they don’t work out the first time.
It is simple enough to add resources or dependencies. I didn’t understand how to add milestones. You can categorize tasks into different types so you could create a “Milestone” category and assign milestone tasks there, but they wouldn’t appear differently on the Gantt charts.
Additional features: reports and other
AceProject offers a time tracking module with approval of timesheets. Another clever feature is the ‘clocking in’ option. This allows you to start the clock when your task begins and then stop it when you finish. This is what I like!
It will also send email reminders to team members. You can choose to send reminders once per day or once per day for urgent tasks or overdue tasks.
Management reports are also available:
Tasks by description, user and date. Übersicht, non-assigned
Time report
Report on expenses

You can also export data to Excel, or as a.csv file.
Information viewing, exactly how I like it
Gantt chart view works well. Today is highlighted. Drag and drop tasks are not possible on the Gantt charts. To move the task to a different date, you will need to edit the task properties. The default Gantt chart view will display the most recent task at the top.
Gantt Chart view
Ace Project is very configurable. You can change many settings, including the logo and colours. The only thing I couldn’t find was a way for Task Type (improvement correction, modification, or addition) to be optional. This is not a major problem. You can delete all types except one if you don’t want to use Task Type. This would make it the default.
What about collaboration features?
A project discussion forum feature is available. Although it doesn’t look very friendly, it is functional.
As I was writing this review of project management software, I visited the AceProject website.