What are the different ways you can earn PMI- PDUs ProThoughts Solution

Our expert believes that earning PDUs and maintaining a PMP (r) Certificate is a much easier job than passing the PMP (r) exam. PMI offers many options for you to earn PDUs (Professional Development Units), to keep your PMP.
PS: All PMI certifications, except the CAPM(r), require that you follow the Continuing Certificate Requirements program and earn professional development units. Your certified competencies should be kept current and relevant.
Here are the different ways you can earn PDUs:
1. Webinar:
Participating in Webinars: You can earn PDUs by attending our webinars. This allows you to keep up to date on the latest happenings and also gives you the opportunity to earn the PDUs. 2 hours Webinar = 2 PDUs

Hosting a webinar: This is another way to earn PDU’s. You can choose from one of the Project Management processes, and share your knowledge and experience. ProThoughts experts can help you finalize the topic and schedule a webinar. Hosting a Webinar for 2 hours = 4 PDU’s
2. Read – Ebooks
E-books are another way to earn PDUs. You learn more about project management and can earn the PDUs. If you like reading this could be your preferred way to maintain your certificate.Furthermore, you can also still earn the PDUs by reading our blogs and get the PDUs.
3. Content Creation
You can also earn PDUs for creating content. We, at ProThoughts, a PMI-USA registered gives you an opportunity to write content and articles on project management and provide a platform to be published.Write to [email protected] if you are keen to contribute and earn PDUs.
4. Online courses :
We also offer free online courses and paid courses to ProThoughts members and aspirants. This allows them to learn or refresh their knowledge in project management.

5. PMI – Certifications
You can also register for courses and certifications that are newer. Register for these courses to earn your PDUs. These PDUs are paid and you will learn new knowledge/best practices. You will also get the entire pack of PDUs in one go, as opposed to free PDUs that will last less.
The PDUs are usually 1 per hour.
Some PMI Certifications include PMI ACP, PMI PgMP, PMI PfMP, PMI PBA, etc.
For every hour spent on professional development activities, you earn one PDU. There are limitations. These limitations can be found in the Ways to earn PDUs section, which discusses PDU activities as well as associated policies.
Reporting fractions of PDUs is possible as well. The smallest increment of PDUs that can be reported is 0.25. This means that you can report 0.25 PDU if you spend 15 minutes in a qualifying PDU activity. You may report 0.50 PDU if you spend 30 minutes participating in a qualifying PDU exercise.
All the best, and don’t forget to keep your certificate! It’s very simple.
You can contact our Experts or Sr. Counselors for guidance or you can email at [email protected] or call +91-8422907604 for any clarifications.