What are the Seven Steps to PMP Renewal, and How Do They Work? ProThoughts Solution

The Project Management Professional (PMP(r)) credential is a significant career milestone. The PMP certification is valid three years after its issuance. To remain relevant and be recognized in the field, PMP certified holders must renew their credentials at least every three years. 60 PDUs are required for certification renewal. This blog will provide information about the PMP renewal process and the PMP price.
This material is for PMP test-takers who have passed the exam. You don’t need to get PDUs if you are not yet a PMP.
If you are still working towards becoming a PMP, we have a step-by-step guide that will help you get your PMP Certification in just seven steps.
Why should you renew your PMP certificate?
The PMP Certification is valid for 3 years. After that, it is invalidated and suspended for 1 year. Maintaining your PMP certification is a PMI requirement. However, it will help you stay relevant in an ever-changing business environment. The PMP exam is not required to be repeated by candidates, which is rare. PMI requires that members improve their sector knowledge. This provides an excellent opportunity for industry professionals to keep up to date with the latest best practices through professional development programs.
The PMP credential is internationally recognized and is considered the pinnacle in project management achievement. For the PMP Certification renewal process to be successful, it is necessary that you are making continuous progress.
PMP Renewal in Seven Easy Steps
Step 1: Your PMP certification is valid for three year after you have passed your PMP exam.
If your certification expires after three years, your status will be changed from SUSPENDED to SUSPENDED. If your status has been suspended, you will not be able to refer to yourself as a PMP certified or display the designation acronym after your professional name and title for at least one year. You can (should) get the required PDUs within this time frame to renew your certification. In any case
If you allow the one-year suspension period to expire, your status will change to EXPIRED. This is the closest any PMP practitioner can come to the apocalypse. This will mean that even a thousand PDUs won’t be enough. Reapply for certification again, spend many nights reviewing the PMBOK Guide, and then retake the difficult PMP Certification Exam. This is the time to take responsibility for not having built and tracked PDUs for four consecutive years (three as an active PMP, one as a suspended PMP). There are exceptions

are considered (the certificate holder has been incapacitated or deployed with the military, etc. However, you should have done your homework and are ready to move on to the next topic.
Step 2: Determine where your PMP certification is and where your PDUs are.
To keep current on your PMP certification (CCRS), you must use the Continuing Certification Required System. The CCRS is a web-based program with a user-friendly dashboard. It allows you to keep track:
The remaining days before your PMP expires.

How do your PDUs fit in the CCR guidelines

The number of PDUs required to keep your certification current.

A list of all your PDU claims.

Step 3: To renew your PMP certification, you will need 60 PDUs
PMI requires that all PMP certification holders obtain 60 Professional Development Units in order to meet the Continuing Certification Requirements. (CCR). Here is a breakdown on the 60 PDUs.
Minimum 35 PDUs for education; maximum 25 PDUs for giving back
PDUs for Education are required. PMI recommends that you obtain at least 35 education PDUs through learning activities like webinars, seminars, and other similar events. It is recommended that you have a combination of leadership, technical, strategic, and business management skills while obtaining these 35 PDUs. These three skills are the foundation of the PMI Talent Triangle. You do not have to earn at least 35 educational PDUs each CCR cycle. However, you can choose all 60 PDUs.
This optional step is called giving back PDUs. Only 25 PDUs can be given back per the CCR cycle. These can be obtained by volunteering, teaching, or engaging in similar activities. PMI values your efforts to share your PMP knowledge and actively utilize your skills. Therefore, giving back PDUs will be accepted.

Once you have earned 60 PDUs, you can submit your renewal request. You can either fill out the application online or download it, complete it, and then re-upload it. You will need to provide your contact information, member ID, payment information, and other information.
Step 5: Pay the PMP Renewal fee
Are you a PMI Member? You only need to pay $60 to renew your PMP. Your badge will still be valid. The PMP renewal fee is $150 if you are not a PMI Member.
Step 6: Wait for PMI confi