What is the Best You Can Do with What You Have? Prothoughts – PMP Success Story

I would like to quickly and in less time share my professional background, PMP success.
After graduating, I started working in the IT Industry as a Quality Analyst to start my career. I have worked with many clients, including Hewlett Packard and Volkswagen, and delivered a business change in the telecom industry. I was already curious about IT Industry Certification. It adds value to my professional profile and helps me achieve great accomplishments in Project Management, which is something I am passionate about since the beginning of my career.

I accept every opportunity that comes my way as a challenge. I have been professionally trained in Project Management and have a deep understanding of Product and Project Lifecycles. In addition to my daily job, I am an accredited trainer who has delivered training programs across the organization.
While I am always looking for better opportunities for career growth and to stay active while working in a professional setting, that is not all. I prefer my own path, which I like to call “What Best You Can Do with What You Have.”
You have the ability to create your own path using the knowledge you have. This will allow you to walk freely and be happy.
PMP certification is internationally recognized. Project management is a skill that requires experience and knowledge. However, PMP Certification would make you proficient in Project Management.
After a while, I realized that I needed to move forward with PMP Certification. I approached Prothoughts LLP. Following an inquiry of PMI(PMP Certifications) with Prothoughts LLP, I registered for and attended the PMP 4-days Workshop led by Prothoughts Instructor Arvind Nahata. I earned 35 PDUs.

It was a great interactive learning experience. Arvind Nahata provided a clear understanding of the complete PMBOK guide. This included examples making PMP basics clear, clarifying questions and clarifications. Also, the PMP 4-Day Workshop offered fun activities.
Prothoughts PMP Workshop Material is the best and most useful for passing PMP Exam. It includes Rita Mulcahy book aligned to PMBOK, Mind Mapping Flash Cards, PMP Slide Handouts, and Mind Mapping.
I want to express my gratitude to Arvind Nahata, Prothoughts Instructor, for all his guidance and assistance in answering all my questions, doubts, and questions regarding PMP preparation, Mock Test and PMI Membership. He also cross-verified my PMP application which allowed me to submit my PMP application with PMI. This was done within four working days. Arvind was a great help to me in arranging for payment and scheduling for the PMP exam.

Arvind Nahata from ProThoughts was a great help. He provided excellent direction, guidance, and co-operation.
I am grateful for the time and interaction I had with Arvind, who dealt with my queries with complete attention. I was a PMP Success after two days of PMP exam. I received an email from PMI regarding my PMP Exam Pass. It said that you have been awarded your Project Management Professional (PMP (r) Credential).
Prothoughts is the place to go if you’re looking for PMP Certification.
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