What you need to know regarding AWS cloud developers in 2020

AWS is the most trusted cloud service provider in the world. This means that AWS is used by thousands of businesses to manage their operations.
AWS cloud developers can assist businesses in creating services, apps, or infrastructure powered through AWS.
Given the variety of products that fall under AWS and the many skills available to developers, it can be difficult choosing the right AWS professional to work for your company.
To help you make the right choice, we’ve identified the most important skills to look at when hiring AWS developers.
What is the role of an AWS cloud developer? It is essential to establish your expectations before you can find the right person for this job. Your business’s needs will determine which role and responsibilities your cloud developers should play. There will not be any two cloud developer job descriptions that are identical.
It is not enough to choose a role for cloud developers that will be the best fit for your company. Spend some time thinking about the goals you want your cloud developer achieve, what they will be doing every single day, and how they should fit into your company culture.
Cloud developers are responsible to design, build, test, deploy, and maintain cloud apps and services in order to maximize performance. They may also be responsible for migrating and figuring legacy applications, and making sure they are compatible in the new cloud environment.
What are the key elements they should know to help their business achieve cloud-powered operational excellence
What salary increases can you expect to see after becoming certified
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Download the surveyFamiliarity with core AWS products and proficiency
A cloud developer candidate’s most valuable asset is their demonstrated, practical, and hands-on experience with the products they will be using in their role.
Nothing beats firsthand knowledge about a product. Candidates who have experienced AWS in action and are familiarized with its workings will be the best candidates.
Any good AWS cloud developer will have worked with the most common pillars of AWS cloud architecture–products like:
Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
Auto Scaling
Elastic Block Storage (EBS)
Elastic Load Balancing
Relational Database Service (RDS)
Elastic Container Service (ECS)

APIsAWS cloud developers A-Z will be in constant contact with APIs. They must be able to build, analyze, implement, and scale APIs in order to ensure that cloud apps communicate effectively.
They should be able to use and secure APIs using the correct authentication and permissions. They should also be familiar with AWS API Gateway and how it monitors, creates, and maintains APIs.
A solid grasp of modern programming languagesIt’s a given that every developer should know at least one programming language. AWS cloud programmers might find some languages more valuable than others.
Python is one the most used languages in AWS’ product stable. It is therefore important to have a solid understanding of this subject. AWS pros need to be familiar with Ruby and other languages that are used with AWS products such as boto3, Node.js, Java.
AWS certifications–always a bonusCertifications are a distinguishing feature for any AWS cloud developer and are also a good sign that a professional is invested in their own development and committed to ke