Whatsapp policy updates – Privacy infringement

The first line of the Whatsapp Privacy Policy page states that “Respect for privacy is coded in our DNA”. We present our analysis of the new Whatsapp Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. This was an in-app notification sent to most Whatsapp users on January 4, 2021.

Whatsapp, owned by Facebook, has stated that users must agree to and abide by the updated rules by February 8, 2021 in order to continue using the product.
These are the latest updates that are about:
How your data is being processed by the Whatsapp service
How businesses can use Whatsapp for managing their business chats
Integrations between Whatsapp & Facebook
These are just a few of the changes made to the new privacy policy.
To facilitate efficient delivery of forwards, media that a user forwards in a message is temporarily stored in encrypted format on the servers of Whatsapp. We temporarily store media that a user forwards in a message on our servers in encrypted form to facilitate the delivery of additional forwards.” (WhatsApp Privacy policy).
If your contacts are not on Whatsapp yet, you can upload them to Whatsapp regularly under applicable laws. If your contacts are not yet on Whatsapp, they will be managed in a way that can’t be identified by Whatsapp. You can upload your contacts to Whatsapp and, if allowed by applicable laws, we will provide you with your phone numbers on a regular basis. This includes the numbers of other users of our Services. If any of your contacts have not yet used our Services, we will manage this information for them in a way that prevents us from identifying those contacts. Learn more about the contact upload feature in Whatsapp Privacy Policy
Whatsapp already collected information usage and log information about users’ activities such as time, duration, and frequency of activities. Whatsapp now collects information when you make changes to your “About”, such as the date and time you registered for Whatsapp; the features you use, such as messaging, calling, status, groups (including group picture and description), payments or business features, profile photo, and “about” information. (Whatsapp Privacy Policy).
Perhaps the most touching aspect of this update is that Whatsapp users must consent to sharing their data with Facebook companies. While most people think of Whatsapp as an encrypted service that is completely secure, sharing data with Facebook companies will infringe on individuals’ privacy rights. Whatsapp Privacy Policy: WhatsApp receives information from and shares information (see below) with other Facebook Companies. (WhatsApp Privacy Policy).
Whatsapp may also share information with other Facebook companies, partners, and service providers around the world. Your information could be transferred to the USA or other countries outside of your home. These privacy laws may differ from yours. For example, your information could be transferred to or transmitted to