Which IT jobs are most in demand?

Because technology is becoming more integrated into society and businesses, the demand for IT professionals has increased. It has become difficult to find IT jobs that are in high demand. Companies pay huge salaries to keep their employees. This is why it is a great time to find out which IT jobs are most in-demand.
We live in an ever-changing world. It is time to think about your career and learn the most current skills that will help you succeed in the future. It is a wise decision to choose an IT job that is in high demand.
What are the best entry-level IT jobs? And how can you get started in IT. This blog will show you the most in-demand IT jobs.
1. Security Engineer
Cyberthreats are growing daily in today’s digital age. Cybercrime is responsible for the loss of $100 billion each year in the United States. It targets over 594 million victims annually. Companies must now hire skilled security professionals to protect their data and have a clear view of their security.
Cyber Security Engineers are responsible for designing, implementing, testing, and monitoring secure network solutions that protect their company from hackers, cyber-attacks, or other malicious threats. This job is in high demand. According to the New York Times, there will be 3.5 Million cybersecurity jobs worldwide by 2021.
A Security Engineer must be proficient in programming languages. Certifications and training in cybersecurity will increase your chances of being selected. The average annual salary for a Cyber Security Engineer in the United States is $96,962.
2. Cloud Architect
Many organizations are moving to the cloud due to the security and low cost benefits it offers. A cloud architect is required to make this possible. For remote workers, cloud computing has become a necessity over the past year.
Cloud architects are responsible for implementing, managing, and supporting cloud applications. Cloud architects are proficient in networking, programming, and all major cloud platforms.
An average salary for a cloud architect is $107,000 annually. There are many jobs in this field and you can earn higher wages depending on your experience.
3. Blockchain Engineer
The blockchain infrastructure is often linked to crypto-currencies. It is much more than that. It offers a highly secure way to store and transact online. The worldwide spending on Blockchain solutions is expected increase from 1.5 billion in 2018 up to 15.9 billion by 2023.
As Blockchain Engineers and Developers are at the forefront, the demand is high. They are the ones who make it possible for businesses and users to use Blockchain technology. A Blockchain Engineer is responsible for developing and implementing architecture and solutions using Blockchain technology.
Blockchain is a hot topic today, with both large companies and small startups showing interest. This makes the field extremely attractive for those looking to make a career in it. A Blockchain Engineer earns an average of $150,000 annually.
4. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Engineer
Artificial intelligence (AI), is delivering some the most significant and disruptive innovations of the century. Chatbots, digital assistants, self-driving vehicles, and AI disease diagnosis are all around, and there is a shortage of talent. According to MarketsandMarkets, the AI market will reach 190 billion dollars by 2025.
AI Engineers are responsible to conduct work on AI and Machine Learning using algorithms. They also manage and develop AI technologies within an organisation.
AI engineers need to be proficient in mathematics, statistics, programming, and other related subjects. An AI architect earns an average salary of $117,000 annually.
There are many job opportunities in the IT sector, which is constantly growing. This article will provide you with a list highlighting the most in-demand IT jobs. There are many ways to get an IT job that is in demand, including online training.