Who should consider Project Management for a career? Prothoughts

Are you looking to make a career as a Project Manager?
If you answered YES to the above question, please take the time to answer the following questions:
Why would you choose to work in Project Management?
There are many answers. Here are a few:
It seems like the best fit for me and my career.
I am currently in technical roles and looking for a new challenge.
This is the next step in my career growth
Opportunities are greater, that’s what I see after a few years.

Do not try to make you happy by convincing yourself with these wrong answers.
The only true answer and the best reason to go into Project Management is:
Based on my self-evaluation of my abilities, interests, and/or motivation, I am certain that I can make a significant impact in the Project Management field.
Your career selection should be based upon where you can make a difference and what will make you stand out.
This will keep you motivated and committed to performing even better. If you feel like you are just another member of the crowd, you will eventually get demoralized and you will look for a way to make a difference.
A project manager must be a good communicator, listener, leader, and negotiator. You must have the ability to manage the team, communicate effectively with them, and be able to interact with them.
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