Why is it important to renew your PMP(r), certification? ProThoughts Solution

A PMP certification can provide the benefits that project managers seek, as well as advancement like a VIP ticket.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t last forever. Your PMP certification and all the wonderful perks that go with it expires after you have contributed almost everything to obtain it.
Do you need to stress? Never. Although a PMP certification has an expiration date you shouldn’t wait to take action. PMI, the credential issuer, offers a three year renewal cycle that allows PMP certification holders to keep their credentials active for as long or as they want.
Maintaining your PMP certification does not have to prove difficult.
The Continuing Certification Requirements program (CCR), outlines the different ways you can renew your certification. This includes learning, teaching, volunteering, project management, and teaching others.
To put it another way, to renew your certification, you will need to prove that your professional skills have not deteriorated over the past three years.
To track your progress in this program (PDUs), Professional Development Units (PDUs) are used. PDUs are one-hour blocks that you use to improve your project management skills and professional competence. You can track your PDUs by visiting the Continuing Certification Required System (CCRS), and entering the time spent doing the following:
Education is very important. It involves learning new concepts, trends and practices, particularly in the areas business management and strategy, leadership and technical skills relevant for project management.

Giving back to the industry by actively managing projects, teaching others, or volunteering

To renew your PMP certification, you will need to earn 60 PDUs. These must include at least 35% learning and not more than 25% giving back. PMI will examine your PDUs to verify that they are authentic. PMI will send an email to confirm your eligibility for renewal of certification once you have met the requirements. You only need to pay the renewal fee ($60 PMI members, $150 non-members) and you’ll enjoy three more years of project management bliss.
Here are the steps to renew your certification
In the first step, earn 60 PMP PDUs
Step 2: Fill out and submit the Renewal App
Step 3: Reaffirm your Code of Ethics Commitment
Step 4: Pay the renewal fee
Step 5: Wait for PMI confirmation.
If your PMP certification has been updated, you’ll be able use the highly sought-after credential for three more years.
This means that you can include the term “PMP” after you name on your business card. You can market yourself as a project management expert to clients and companies by using NAME and PMP.
What if you have earned over 60 PMI PDUs.
You can transfer up to 20 PDUs from the last 12 months of your CCR cycles to your next cycle. Even if you don’t qualify for renewal of certification, investing in your professional development is never a waste.
What happens if my PMP certification isn’t renewed on time?
If you fail to meet the minimum CCR requirements within your 3-year cycle, your certification will be suspended. Exclusions include military personnel called to active duty, illness-related leave or maternity leave.
Rejoice and keep going. Get a head start in building PDUs for next cycle.
If you are looking for PDUs to maintain your PMP credential, ProThoughts Solutions offers online PMP certification training. We offer a wide range of project management courses that are taught by licensed instructors who have at least 15 years experience in the field.