Interview with Chuck Pearson CEO of Projecturf

Projecturf was my last week review. Projecturf is a relatively new tool in the project management space, so I spoke to Chuck Pearson, Projecturf’s CEO. He is a man with big dreams and doesn’t like Microsoft Project or Basecamp.
Projecturf was launched for the first time in March 2008, but it was already in beta for one year before that. It was originally developed by Rareview, Projecturf’s interactive agency. It grew and improved, and eventually became its own entity. Chuck claims it is “a solution that will surpass Clarizen by offering an intuitive and innovative way for users to collaborate on projects and complete them.” There are many software products that are targeted at project managers. What makes Projecturf unique?
We are the first tool to offer unlimited storage for all paid plans. There is no cap on users, project managers or features. Projecturf accounts allow for complete customization and permission-based file sharing. There are also sections for agencies, developers, freelancers, designers, and other professionals. These sections, which include design, development, and Timecard, are very useful for a large number of our customers. Projecturf also offers a section called ‘tools’ that includes a Project Completion Report. This gives the Project Manager an overview of the status of the project on a percent basis, who is responsible, and the due dates.
We are also the only solution that offers a dynamic Gantt diagram in a simple form. This gives users the Gantt view without any setup or customization. We create the Gantt charts for the PM who manages milestones, tasks, and other tasks.
We want to help customers complete their tasks on their terms and not ours. Our development and features are based on direct customer input and suggestions. This is a rare practice in the field of PPM solutions. Basecamp is one example of this. They build the product in the way they want and ignore many user suggestions. We are the exact opposite. We don’t want our users to be told how to manage their projects or businesses. Instead, we listen to their ideas. We have changed the application in many cases (and are currently developing more features) based upon user suggestions. We want to offer a solution that is effective for our customers. This means that we remove restrictions, incorporate user suggestions, make Projecturf as intuitive as possible, give more customization options, and continue to add new features.
You can find cheaper products. How can you justify your expenditures?
Projecturf may seem more expensive at first glance. However, we offer the ability to upload files and store them without limiting storage space. This is a rare feature in our industry. Projecturf is more affordable and competitively priced. Basecamp, our biggest competitor, has comparable prices, but lacks features and functionality and places storage limitations on plans.
Projecturf’s affordability is illustrated by the fact that it is used by freelancers, small businesses, design agencies, and development companies who often need to share larger files. Our plans are significantly cheaper than other PPM products if you accept that Projecturf users might be paying a monthly subscription fee. Additional fees may also apply for extra storage space if they exceed the limits.
It sounds like users are trading up from Excel and email to Projecturf, according to the buzz on their website. Who is Projecturf targeted at?
Projecturf is a tool that targets Project Managers in small to medium-sized businesses as well as freelancers. Recently, a customer shared with us that they used Projecturf.