Microsoft 70-480: Programming HTML5 with JS or CSS3 Study Guide

Microsoft: 70-480-Programming HTML5 with JS & CSS3exam is a great exam to show your skills in CSS3 and JS. This certification is the first step towards obtaining the MS Solutions Associate (MCSA), Web Applications Certification. This certification exam will allow you to gain real-world knowledge in HTML, JS and CSS3. It will also give you an edge over your peers and provide financial benefits.
But, the key to success is not cramming sessions but long-term learning. We’ve created a detailed Study Guide to make your preparations easier. Let’s start with the exam details.
Target Audience: 70-480 exam
This exam is for developers who have at least one year experience in HTML development using an object-based, event driven programming model. They must also have experience in programming JavaScript-based business logic for a variety applications types, hardware and software platforms.
Prerequisites for the Microsoft 70 480 exam
You should have a solid understanding of the following to pass the Microsoft 70-480 exam:
Managing the flow of events and programs
Asynchronous programming is the second.
Third, Data validation and working on data collections including JQuery
Next, handling errors and exceptions
Furthermore, arrays and collections are also available.
Not to mention: Working with operators, variables, and expressions
Additionally, working with prototypes and methods
Also, iteration and decision statements
Study Guide for Microsoft: 70-480 Exam
Preparation is key to passing an exam. Preparation requires consistency and determination. Our specially curated Study Guide will help you get the certification in your first attempt. This study guide also includes learning resources to help you prepare.
Download the Microsoft 70-480 Exam Objectives
Microsoft wants you to pass your exams. They are looking to hire IT professionals with one or more of their qualifications. A certification can increase a candidate’s relevance, while qualified professionals can increase the relevancy and value of certificates. Before you begin your preparations, it is important to be familiar with the course domain. This exam covers the following four domains:
Domain 1- Implement and manipulate document structures and objects (20-25%)
This domain focuses on creating document structure using HTML and writing code that interacts to UI controls. Programmmatic styling of HTML elements and implementation of HTML5 APIs. Also, creating and implementing methods and objects as well as establishing the scope and meaning of variables and objects.
Domain 2- Implement Program Flow (25-30%)
This domain also covers topics such as program flow implementation, handling and raising an event, and handling it. You will also learn how to implement exception handling, asynchronous programming, and create a web worker process.
Domain 3- Access and Secure Data (25-30%)
This domain also aims to build the understanding of validating user input using HTML5 elements. JavaScript is used to validate user input. Data consuming, serializing, deserializing and transmitting.
Domain 4- Use CSS3 for Applications (25-30%)
This domain also includes concepts for styling HTML box properties, styling HTML text properties, and creating flexible content layouts. You will also learn how to create an animated and adaptive user interface, find elements using CSS selectors, JQuery, and structure a CSS file using CSS selectors.
Step 1: Sign up for instructor-led training
20480B: HTML5 Programming with JavaScript and CSS3
This course will be beneficial to candidates taking the Programming with HTML5 with CSS3 70-480 Exam. This course introduces HTML5, CSS3, Java