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Cloud computing has become a ubiquitous technology that we can’t imagine our world without. Cloud computing professionals are in high demand due to the constant availability of cloud services that bring the best technological advances. This allows businesses, large and small, to become more efficient and able to do everything. The microsoft azure administrator AZ104 is one of the most sought-after cloud certifications. This is the prerequisite to becoming a microsoft certified azure administrator associate. Microsoft certified Azure administrators are sought after by companies because of their ability to scale up and implement Azure services. Azure is flexible and can provide a solution for any situation, demand, or requirement.
This AZ-104 study book will help you learn and start with the topics, as well as the best resources and skills to learn them. It also includes some practice questions, a cheatsheet, a downloadable study program, and all the information you need. This study guide focuses on the topics and subtopics that are required to pass the exam. It also contains the recommended steps and practices to help you prepare for the exam.
Target Audience for Azure administrator AZ104 exam
Candidates must have at least six months’ experience in Azure administration, as stated on the certification page. Candidates must have a good understanding of core Azure services, Azure workloads and Azure security. They also need to be able to manage Azure governance. PowerShell, the Command Line Interface and Azure Portal are all required. As you can see, you will need to have a lot of experience and knowledge with azure.
Azure administrators are responsible for managing and implementing cloud identity, governance, storage and compute as well as virtual networks. The Azure Administrator will manage, monitor, adjust, and provision resources as needed.
It is essential that you are familiar with the core concepts and services of Azure cloud. The following article may be of interest to you: Azure study guide for beginners
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You can also check out Azure Fundamentals certification, which is beginner-friendly but not a prerequisite for the AZ-104 exam. Let’s dive into our AZ104 study guide.
Microsoft has provided a list of sub-topics and domains that will be available to help you prepare for the exam. Let’s take a closer look at each domain in order to help you prepare for the exam.
Let’s start by looking at the administrative tools that azure uses to interact with it.

Let’s now take a closer look at the domains that you will need to master for this exam. We will list all the important and necessary links in the documentation that will allow you to learn all the concepts needed to pass the exam. After you have completed all the concepts, subscribe to our Microsoft Azure AZ-104 practice exams. They are essential to keep you on track.
Microsoft AZ-104 Exam: Updates to the course outline as of March 26, 2021
Manage Azure identities and governance (15-20%)
1. Manage Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) objects
First, you need to understand what an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). Azure AD is a cloud-based access management and identity service that allows you to sign in and access resources. These skills are required for this sub-domain:
Create users and groups
Azure Active Directory allows you to add or remove users
Azure AD – Create a new user
Manage user and group properties
Azure Active Directory allows you to add or modify user profile information
Edit your group information using Azure Active