Thales offers SaaS-Based Key Management across AWS and Azure

Thales, a cybersecurity firm, announced last week that it has launched a service to help organizations manage their security keys in multicloud environments.
Thales’ CipherTrust cloud key manager, which is a rebranding of its Vormetric Key Management as a service product, provides businesses with a centralized Web-based interface that allows them to manage encryption keys for various cloud applications.
This service is specifically designed for organizations that work with multiple cloud providers. As concerns about vendor lock-in rise, this is a lot of them. Cloudify recently found that nearly half of cloud-based businesses are partnered with more cloud vendors than others, and almost 9 percent have at most five cloud vendors.
Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure are two of the largest beneficiaries of multicloud environments. Cloudify found that the AWS-Azure combination was the most popular multicloud configuration. This is not surprising considering these are the No. The No. 1 and No. 2 public cloud platforms by market share, respectively. 2 public cloud platforms based on market share, respectively.
Thales supports AWS and Azure in its CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager. is the third, although Thales stated in its announcement that this list “is ever-growing.”
The CipherTrust Cloud key manager provides security key lifecycle management for these platforms. It also helps businesses keep compliance “with an FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria certificate key store with visibility into who, what, when, and how encryption keys are used through logging and a set if usage reports,” Thales stated.
The CipherTrust CloudKey Manager is intended to be delivered as a SaaS product. However, organizations in highly regulated industries can choose to run it on-premises using a certified appliance.
“Organizations are having difficulty managing an increasing number of encryption keys. “CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager gives control to enterprises rightfully concerned about compliance and data protection issues inherent in multicloud environments,” stated Peter Galvin, head strategy at Thales. The intuitive and well-designed service makes managing encryption keys easier by eliminating the need for hardware to be purchased, architected, and deployed. Organizations can create, rotate, and backup keys using a simple Web interface.
You can find more information about the CipherTrust cloud key manager here.